You-create-Beauty Founder, Sherina Rathor

“Beauty should be about ease, transparency and creativity and that is why You-create-Beauty was forged.”

As the founder of You-create-Beauty I wanted to write a post that gives you, insight into who I am and why I believe the You-create-Beauty brand is the future for all natural, healthy and holistic beauty.

Following my career in Finance, I was keen to pursue my passion of beauty entrepreneurship. I spent one year building an online presence with my blog To-love-Beauty where I discussed beauty products that I believe truly worked and did exactly what they set out to do. In that same year I had an epiphany…cliché I know…that ultimately changed my notion of what a beauty product should mean and encompass.

As all beauty bloggers will tell you, about ninety-percent of your time is spent trialling a variety of different products to get blog inspiration. I was one to test several at one time so I could get my content out on a timely basis. By doing this I compromised the wellbeing of my skin, hair and body and finally they all fought back. From breakouts, to hair fallout, to irritation on my body, I started to wonder exactly what a lot of these products were doing to me and others.

Now you may be thinking, “hold on, you were writing about products that truly worked, so how did you have such an adverse effect…it seems contradictory.” Well, the products that did work and were not detrimental to my skin, hair or body condition, were primarily natural and/or organic. No chemicals and simple ingredients meant my beauty routine was not inundated with unnatural compositions. But something was still missing.

I researched online about at-home remedies and created my own beauty recipes. Within a week I was more or less back to normal. The question I asked myself was, “if this happened to me in a short space of time, what were these products and more importantly their ingredients, doing to users in the long-term?” This thought set me on my journey to build my brand, You-create-Beauty.

The beauty recipes that I did create were inspired by Ayurveda. This is an ancient Indian practice that has existed for several thousand years and when translated means, ‘life knowledge.’ It champions the use of nature’s resources to ensure a healthy and sustained life. What was interesting to me was that growing up in an Indian home I was always exposed to Ayurveda in some form, but through centuries’ of Indian generations, the practice has become more of a subconscious standard rather than something we label. I knew I had to learn more about Ayurveda and make it the basis of what would be You-create-Beauty.

So, I had the inspiration; I had the wish to use natural and/or organic ingredients but now it was how to channel both these areas into a tangible beauty product. I remembered a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago about using healthy ingredients to make a skin mask. She was keen to use something where she knew exactly what ingredients were included and that she could collate and create in the comfort of her home. The notion of creating a beauty product with ingredients at your disposal and in a comfortable environment was the third and final element I needed.

You-create-Beauty was born.

My dream is to make You-create-Beauty global. We want to make healthy beauty universal and accessible to all through the subscription box model. More and more reviews from users of the brand have reiterated that by making their own DIY beauty recipes, they have been able to put their positive energy into the creative process and when completed, that same positive energy manifests itself into an effective beauty product.