Ayurvedic Tea: Fennel & Clove

At least one time in your life you will have tried a herbal tea of some kind. They’ve become so popular nowadays, as they give you that warming feeling early in the morning or just before bed, without a lot of the caffeine that you often get with conventional tea and coffee.

Ayurveda has set in stone the benefits of drinking herbal teas, but instead opts to promote the use of fresh herbs and spices rather than those that have been sitting in teabags and boxes on a shop shelf somewhere.

This fennel and clove tea recipe is a firm favourite for You-create-Beauty; it’s a tea, that in moderation, helps all energy types. Fennel seeds are known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are a key ingredient in many Ayurvedic treatments. Whether used to flavour food, used as an after-meal refresher or steeped in hot water, fennel seeds keep the functioning of the gut healthy and regular. In turn, this little oval seed, effectively removes the toxins from your body without the use of any invasive treatment.

Cloves are a naturally warming spice, used in winter dishes or decadent desserts. When used in this tea, one clove goes a long way! Ordinarily cloves would aggravate a Pitta energy and Vata energy, but in small amounts it’s immensely beneficial. It’s anti-inflammatory nature helps to settle upset stomachs and persistent headaches.

This Ayurvedic recipe is simple yet extraordinarily valuable. When you drink it in the morning, it helps to refocus your mind and body after a long slumber and energises you. Unlike strong caffeine in the morning, this tea is fresh and a natural pick-me-up. It works particularly well for that time of the month, as it helps to settle the often bloated and cramped stomach.

Compatible Energy

Pacifying Properties
Sweet, soothing, cooling, warming, aromatic, stimulating

A pinch of fresh fennel seeds
1 clove

Preparation Time
2-5 minutes


Boil water in a kettle or over the stove, being careful not to burn yourself.
– Put the pinch of fennel seeds and clove in a mug or cup of your choice.
– Pour in the boiled water.
– Allow to steep for a few minutes before drinking.
– If you find the flavour is strong enough, remove the ingredients. If you’re happy for the flavour to intensify as you drink it, leave it in the mug or cup.

There will be a fresh taste left in your mouth after drinking this. You will feel instantly alert and calm, ready to take on the day. You may even find yourself topping up your hot water with the fennel seeds and clove from the first drink, because the flavour and feeling is just so enjoyable.

Throughout the day you will find that you are less fatigued and less bloated after one cup of this tea. It’s a fresh and healthy alternative to ready-packed teas you find in the supermarket. Why not even invest in some of your own empty biodegradable teabags, fill them with this mix and take it with you wherever you go. It will be your own personal touch and tea whenever you’re in the mood for a hot beverage.